Nintendo Labo is the Best Toy Line of 2018 and It's Only January

Nintendo Labo

We're calling this one early, Nintendo Labo is the Best Toy Line of 2018. Remember the Amiibo craze that drove parents nuts just a few years ago, well get ready for round two. If you're unfamiliar with Nintendo Labo, we highly recommend watching the video below.

What is Nintendo Labo?

The video below does an excellent job answering that questions, but if you are seeking more information, check out Nintendo's own page on What Is Nintendo Labo.

Why is Nintendo Labo the Best Toy of 2018?

Uhh.. did you watch the video? The combination of physical and digital play is something brand new and frankly, extremely cool and engaging looking. We can only image the joy these delightful little cardboard creations are going to bring to adults and children alike. We are really looking forward to 4/20 when these are released. If you want to get your pre-orders in now (which we highly recommend) you can pre-order Nintendo Labo on Amazon here.


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