Bandai America and Power Rangers Split

When you think of Bandai you think Power Rangers and vice versa.  That mindset must be altered come April 2019.  Why?  Will the license be picked up?  Who'll take it over?  All obvious questions, but the main thing we'd like our loyal fans here at Toy Talk Guys to remain is HOPEFUL!

To anyone that has listened to our podcasts it's no secret that we have a very serious, pleasurable, sick, but functional relationship towards Bandai America.  Countless times the company's produced amazing products for the impressively long run of 25 years.  They've also had their fair share of hiccups and don't look at me's. A comparable analogy for their success in recent years would be a little leaguer hitting a grand slam only to turn around and confusedly look at his parents with a "now what?" expression.  It's time for someone else to take a swing.

Bandai America's conceptions and products, in most cases, are not the problem.  The issues usually lie in distribution and, to a lesser extent (cough... legacy figures), quality control.  Long gone are the days that companies need to flood toy store shelves with merchandise.  Hopefully the new license holder will push online sales as a more viable option.  It was always, and continues to be, a headache tracking down particular toys of the franchise.  Will this issue finally be remedied by ACTUALLY making products AVAILABLE without having to visit every Walmart or Target in a tri-county area?  One can only hope.

Bandai was a large part of so many of our childhoods.  25 years later it's difficult to comprehend that there won't be a Bandai presence at NYC Toy Fair this weekend.  We can't stress enough to remain hopeful as there's a lot of room for improvement for the ranger license.  There's also still over a year left for the usual products that we're used to, so don't say your final goodbye just yet.  

We commend you, Bandai America.  You're the old, wise, and falling hero in our Power Ranger franchise epic.  It's now time for a new leader to rise.  Hasbro?  Mattel?  Whoever takes over will know the loyal ranger fans will be there...still uncertain, anxious, but mostly hopeful.

The Toy Talk Guys


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