Jakks Pacific Real Workin' Buddies "Mr. Hosey" Teaser Tweet

Jakks is attempting to bottle lightening twice following the successful launch of Mr. Dusty.  They're now introducing another member to their "Real Workin' Buddies" team, this time a fire engine, by the name of Mr. Hosey.  The company tweeted out a convincing photo depicting the new team member parked next to a red street curb.  This colored curb traditionally prohibits parking to anyone that isn't emergency service; i.e. Mr. Hosey.  Can anything be asked more of a teaser?

Not much information is known of him, but he has already started appearing on store shelves.  We're curious to see how he will be integrated into play considering Mr. Dusty already stands alone on a strange plane of post-play time.  Perhaps a water squirting action will be encouraging outside dirt clean up...then again that isn't an emergency service.

"Who wants to learn more about all he can do?!" is a titillating excerpt from the official tweet and the public response is growing.  We will continue to keep you up to date with this line as information comes in.

Jakks Pacific: Real Workin' Buddies Crew - Mr. Hosey Teaser Image


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