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Anna & Elsa LEGO Brickheadz Are on the Way; Along with BTTF, Jurassic World, Star Wars, and Harry Potter

Our pals over at are reporting that a whole slew of New LEGO Brickheadz are on the way for 2018. We are looking forward to a lot of the ones on the list (aside from Minecraft.. sorry Minecraft), but let us know what you think down in the comments. List after the break:

Justice League – Tactical Batman & Superman (41610) – $19.99
Back to the Future – Marty McFly & Doc Brown (41611) – $19.99
Minecraft – Steve & Creeper (41612) – $19.99
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (41614) – $19.99
Wizarding World (41615) – $14.99
Wizarding World (41616) – $9.99
Frozen – Elsa (41617) – $9.99
Frozen – Anna & Olaf (41618) – $14.99
Star Wars – Darth Vader (41619) – $9.99
Star Wars – Stormtrooper (41620) – $9.99
Star Wars – Luke Skywalker & Yoda (41627) – $14.99
Star Wars – Boba Fett (41629) – $9.99

Uniqlo is Selling These Incredibly Cool Retro Lego Tees

Clothing store, Uniqlo, has an insanely cool collection of LEGO licensed shirts, which look to be officially licensed. Most harken back to the Danish roots of the company and a few play to the current generation. Our favorite is the one above, which can be found at the link below. Let us know which shirt you like the best down in the comments.

Toys R Us Closing 200 More Stores, What Could This Mean for Toy Collectors

It's hard to believe, but many news sources are confirming that Toys R Us is set to close 200 more stores! There hasn't been any confirmation from the company, itself, but many news outlets have corroborated the story.

Amazon Deal: 20% Off Lego Architecture: Shanghai 21039

Amazon is offering a great deal right now. If you act fast and follow this link, you can get 20% Off Lego Architecture: Shanghai 21039. Don't let this deal slip away; be sure to get yours before they are all gone!

20% Off LEGO Star Wars Ahch-To Island Training 75200

Amazon is offering a great deal right now. If you act fast and follow this link, you can get 20% Off LEGO Star Wars Ahch-To Island Training 75200. Don't let this deal slip away; be sure to get yours before they are all gone!

Amazon Deal: Get 20% off TLBM Bat-Space Shuttle Today!

Amazon has an amazing deal where they are offering 20% off TLBM Bat-Space Shuttle today! Be sure to grab yours before they all sell out.

NECA Reveals Jason Voorhees Part 4 Figure at Toy Fair

The title says it all, NECA has released official photos and details for their upcoming Friday the 13th Part 4:  The Final Chapter – Jason Voorhees 1/4 Scale Figure. The figure is 18″s tall and includes weapons, interchangeable hands, two swappable head sculpts and more. Expect to see this figure on store shelves in early Fall.

Bandai America and Power Rangers Split

When you think of Bandai you think Power Rangers and vice versa.  That mindset must be altered come April 2019.  Why?  Will the license be picked up?  Who'll take it over?  All obvious questions, but the main thing we'd like our loyal fans here at Toy Talk Guys to remain is HOPEFUL!

To anyone that has listened to our podcasts it's no secret that we have a very serious, pleasurable, sick, but functional relationship towards Bandai America.  Countless times the company's produced amazing products for the impressively long run of 25 years.  They've also had their fair share of hiccups and don't look at me's. A comparable analogy for their success in recent years would be a little leaguer hitting a grand slam only to turn around and confusedly look at his parents with a "now what?" expression.  It's time for someone else to take a swing.

Bandai America's conceptions and products, in most cases, are not the problem.  The issues usually lie in d…

LEGO Harry Potter - Hogwarts Great Hall (75954) Officially Revealed!

LEGO has officially announced that the LEGO Harry Potter theme is coming back this August and they have revealed the first set with the Hogwarts Great Hall (75954). The set contains 878 pieces and retails for $99.99.  Via: The Brick Fan

Jakks Pacific Real Workin' Buddies "Mr. Hosey" Teaser Tweet

Jakks is attempting to bottle lightening twice following the successful launch of Mr. Dusty.  They're now introducing another member to their "Real Workin' Buddies" team, this time a fire engine, by the name of Mr. Hosey.  The company tweeted out a convincing photo depicting the new team member parked next to a red street curb.  This colored curb traditionally prohibits parking to anyone that isn't emergency service; i.e. Mr. Hosey.  Can anything be asked more of a teaser?

Not much information is known of him, but he has already started appearing on store shelves.  We're curious to see how he will be integrated into play considering Mr. Dusty already stands alone on a strange plane of post-play time.  Perhaps a water squirting action will be encouraging outside dirt clean up...then again that isn't an emergency service.

"Who wants to learn more about all he can do?!" is a titillating excerpt from the official tweet and the public response is gr…

Preview Packaging for Friday The 13th Accessory Pack by NECA Toys

We were first teased with this accessory set back in San Diego Comic-Con 2017 and NECA has recently released images of the final box art.  Very exciting news for fans of the franchise, but considering what this pack contains it's more specifically geared towards the folks who like parts 3 and 6.

If you don't have any of your 7" scale Jason figures available to pose with these unique items you can easily tell the "Camp Crystal Lake" sign alone will steal the show.  The other larger piece included here is a dock platform complete with pole; Posing Jason behind this with his spear gun is essential.  Where NECA really out does themselves, as they tend to do, is with the most thoughtful piece of all being the rock and chain accessory complete with a now former, sunken, "Camp Crystal Lake" sign.  

Unlimited potential exists with this pack.  All we need is a victim.

Episode 012: Monopoly Cheaters Edition, Lego Leaks, Sectaurus Kickstarter

The next episode of The Toy Talk Guys Podcast is live! We've had to migrate the cast to a new hosting platform, and, in the process, you may have come unsubscribed or you may be subscribed to the old feed. Use these links to resubscribe to the new feed - thanks for sticking with us!!

Amazon Deals: LEGO 76067 Hulk vs Red Hulk is 25% OFF

Click the image or link below to be taken through to the deal:

76067 Hulk vs Red Hulk (25% OFF)

LEGO 2018 Architecture Set Images Leak: Statue of Liberty and Great Wall of China

These two sets were shown off during the Nuremberg Toy Fair, but press shots were not allowed. Luckily someone was brave enough to snap a few photos during a slide presentation and post them on the internet. The images below are low-quality, but they give a good indication of what the final sets will look like. No details on pricing, release date, or piece counts yet, but we would expect these to be around $30-$40. Let us know what you think down in the comments.

Official Images of Lego Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom Sets

We've already posted many leaks of Lego Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Sets, but now we have official images to share with you directly from The Lego Group. The three images below only represent three sets in this wave of 10+ sets, so be sure to keep your eye out for more images in the future. We are big fans of the Juniors and Duplo sets because it means printed pieces and they just all-around fun to look at. What do you think? Let us know down in the comments.